Pontcysyllte WHS Heritage Building Restoration Specialists

Baynon Property Services is a Heritage Building Restoration Specialist working in traditional materials such as lime mortars, renders and plastering. Timber work in soft and hard woods such as straight grain pine and oak. Whatever the requirement we can deal with it and do so, on a regular basis often proving the old building methods.

Pontcysyllte WHS Cartographic Reseach Specialists

We can complete map research for property in the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Corridor and probably have the worlds finest collection of cartographic data for the central section of the Cefn.

Plas Kynaston Canal Group

BPS Subsea Consultancy Service

David Metcalfe proprietor of BPS has over 30 years’ experience in engineering and offshore technology literally from the bottom up. He has worked is all subsea environments from Air Diving to Saturation Diving with extensive hands on experience in Subsea Welding, Inspection,  Construction and Topside Diving Supervision, Inspection Coordination and Client Representation. In short if you have a subsea task and require it to be run efficiently and safely then I am available for hire.


Baynon Property Services

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Land Registry Title - Deed Verification Check

Get your Land Registry Title documentation checked against the original deeds as mistakes happen all too often.  You could find that part of your front garden is included in your neighbour’s title!  Check it out now before it is too late, as there are specific time limits that can be imposed under the SLA 1980.