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We specialise in title rectification, alteration and boundary disputes. In short, if you have a problem with your Land Registry title please email us at:



We will then contact you and do our best to provide solutions to your problem in plain English.


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  • Case Management Service
  • Case Research and Preparation Service
  • Legal Representation
  • Chartered Surveyors Reports
  • Supply of Land Registry Title Documentation
  • Land Registry Title Documentation - Deed Verification
  • Property History Service
  • Lost Deed Reconstruction
  • Local Search Service
  • Utility Search Service
  • Easements applications, resolutions and removal
  • Covenant applications, resolutions and removal


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Land Registry Title - Deed Verification Check

Get your Land Registry Title documentation checked against the original deeds as mistakes happen all too often.  You could find that part of your front garden is included in your neighbour’s title!  Check it out now before it is too late, as there are specific time limits that can be imposed under the SLA 1980.