BPS Subsea Consultancy Service

David Metcalfe (Weld Tech & Eng Tech)

OMA Offshore Client Representative Renewables

OGP 431 Client Site Representative Oil & Gas

MSc Offshore Diving Science & Technology

CSWIP 3.4u Subsea Inspection Coordinator

NEBOSH ITC Oil & Gas Operational Safety

IMCA Dive System Auditor and Inspector

IMCA Air & Saturation Diving Supervisor

IMCA Air & Saturation Diver +20 years

CSWIP Inspection Diver & Welder

ASME Coded Pipe Welder


Mobile: UK 07796 260 666

Email: davidmetcalfeCSR@hotmail.com

Therefore if you want the job doing get in touch for a world wide first class service.

Please note I also work with the PKC Group to support my home community. The PKC group opperte from the Holly Bush Inn Cefn Mawr which helps keep the heart of our village alive, hope to see you there for a beer!


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Baynon Property Services

34 Crane Lane
Cefn Mawr Wrexham LL14 3RA

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Land Registry Title - Deed Verification Check

Get your Land Registry Title documentation checked against the original deeds as mistakes happen all too often.  You could find that part of your front garden is included in your neighbour’s title!  Check it out now before it is too late, as there are specific time limits that can be imposed under the SLA 1980.